What our buyers are saying...

"It was my great and serendipitous pleasure to stay in the sweet yellow floating bungalow in November of 2016.  I did not want an ordinary hotel experience, so rented it and was pleasantly surprised at the workmanship, charm, and thought that went into the design and build. I live 5,000 miles away in Hawaii, but I was so impressed with the vision, the reality, the possibilities for me, and the support of Warren and Cynthia Billings that I purchased the bungalow I had rented. I could not have made a better decision!"

 "Warren (Billings) is a great guy and a fabulous builder! He went to great lengths to make my home just the way I wanted it and has lots of great ideas. I can’t tell you how many times he said, 'I had this great idea last night when I couldn’t sleep.' His work is his pride and joy and it really shows. The home is very well built and solid, the rocking is enjoyable, and best of all, living on the water means no yard work!"

"The design truly is superlative. From the cathedral ceiling, to the front and rear porches, this wee 550-square-feet of living space appeared and felt much larger than it was due to the design, abundance of natural light, and superb craftsmanship. The kitchen is designed to accommodate the casual to the gourmet chef with everything in it full-sized and efficient. The solid hardwood floors, the double-pane windows, and even a flush toilet in the bathroom all helped me decide to buy one for a vacation rental. The thought the Billings put into the design and build of the floating bungalows is matched by the integrity and support they provide the purchaser with the aligned goal of the buyer experiencing the same joy and success as the Billings’ team has experienced in realizing their dream business. Highly recommended!"

"I visit the bungalow a couple of times per year and sleep soundly, being gently lulled by the barely perceptible movement of the water beneath the hull. Every guest has awarded this magical floating home a five-star review and has marveled at how well the cottage is built and how spacious it seems."

"The Floating Bungalow has been a jewel. This little piece of paradise takes me away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic world and gives me the opportunity to sit back in comfort and feed the turtles off the front porch. It is a very well appointed retreat only seconds from the Saint John’s river and all the wildlife there. It is a photographer’s dream."

"Warren, the cottage builder, is always nearby, and is always helpful. In truth, his presence and willingness to help with any problem has made purchasing this bungalow, as Cynthia and Warren call it, a stressless decision. As the builder, Warren is rightfully proud of his work, but his easy and helpful way make him a friend I’m grateful to have. Though he and Cynthia come to us from way north of the Mason-Dixon Line, they are full of grace and southern hospitality. I try not to take advantage of this hospitality often, but the ability to ask Warren for help has been a strong plus. It is probably the strongest endorsement I could have gotten in this investment.

Thank you Warren and Cynthia for all your help and advice."


In our early '50s, the two of us found ourselves in central New Hampshire in a 5,400 square-foot house. For decades we had been part of the rat race: bigger and bigger houses, more and more bills, raising kids, sending them to college. However, after closing the doors of a non-profit I had run for 20 years, we began to take stock of where we were and where we wanted to be. Our kids were moving onto their adult lives. We were ready to move on to a simpler life that did not have all the trappings of home and property upkeep. We wanted to simplify life. 

It turns out we were not alone. At this time, the small house movement had just begun to take shape. All over the world people were realizing they did not want to work to support a huge home they did not have time to enjoy. These people wanted a sustainable lifestyle leading into retirement years and found that small houses were a perfect way to get it. Compared to traditional houses, small houses cost a fraction to maintain and offer lower taxes, lower insurance, and lower bills. All of this was consistent with our search for a simplified life.

We had our own vision though; we didn't just want to go smaller. We knew we wanted to spend time on the water and live in a warmer climate. We wanted to be part of a community with concerts, restaurants, and good friends. And perhaps most daring, we refused to compromise on style, luxury, and beauty. After some time, and lots of thought, it became clear what we were looking for - the ability to live on the water; a small home with virtually no upkeep, and an affordable joyful lifestyle that could be sustained by working part time. Through this clarity, Floating Bungalows was born.